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Gym Owner, Brandy Marie has now taught over 1000 kids the sport of gymnastics. She started in the sport many years ago when she was as old as she can remember flipping all around and at the age of seven she joined a competitive

program at the local YMCA. She has had three state all around titles in level 5,6 and level 8 and finished

her competitive gymnastics as a level 9 at Northland USAG private club at age 14.She assisted as young

as 12 helping choreograph routines for  talent shows, pagents, exhibitions and for her fellow competitve teammates. As a level 8-9 team member at Northland she would help out groups as  needed in the rec program as well the younger competitve team members. Brandy really enjoyed the teaching aspect and decided long along while in schooling teaching would be her newest passion. At age 14 Brandy took her first paid position at the local AVYMCA and worked there for about a year before taking a higher teaching position at Competitive Edge in Kiski YMCA under Tammy Crawford. Brandy took over the program shortly after Tammy had moved away and became the youngest head coach anyone around the area has seen during this time. Brandy 's commitment and approach at Kiski raised enrollment  in the class program as well continued to win team and individual titles.  Along side she also worked at Twister and Shout Academy with Cindy later In 2005 Brandy moved away to Chambersburg PA to be with her now husband as he was positioned there as a state trooper now placed in Kittanning PA. Brandy was offered to teach at Wilson College gymnastic program in Chambersburg but declined due to inconsistent timing along with her nursing position and many trips back to Pittsburgh. Since back to Pittsburgh and teaching private lessons/groups out of her home and some local clubs(competitive compulsory and optional level)teams Brandy decided to put her nursing (neuro/trauma Critical care, Critical care/ Coronary care/ Pediatrics/ Geriatrics/ Long term care and more) a step aside to do what she does best..."Help shape our children into hardworking, heart-filled, goal oriented, amazing adults all through the amazing sport of gymnastics.  I'm not just teaching gymnastics, I am shaping our children (mine and yours) developing a better approach towards their problems and their goals.

USA gymnastics Certified Professional Instructor

We are a USA Certified Program!

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